Loan despite titled claim


It is very difficult to get a loan despite a claim. A titled claim is entered in the private credit information, which makes lending to German banks or savings banks impossible. If anything, a loan can be taken out by a private person or a foreign bank. For this, it is advisable to seek the help and support of private credit intermediaries. A loan from a private individual can be searched via a credit intermediation portal on the internet.

What is a titled claim?

What is a titled claim?

If a person does not meet their payment obligations, they will receive a reminder. This can also happen several times. If it does not respond, the creditor can enforce the outstanding claim. First, a dunning notice is created. It precisely states how high the claim is and what additional costs are incurred. Now the debtor has two weeks to contradict the order.

If he allows this period to elapse and continues to fail to pay, an enforcement order can be obtained. Here is spoken of a titled claim. The creditor still has 30 years to collect the open money. Only then will the statute of limitations become statute barred. In order to eliminate the titled claim, the debtor has two options. First, you can pay in full the open amount of money, including interest and utilities, or you can file for bankruptcy. If the good conduct phase is over and the residual debt exemption has been granted, the title may no longer be enforced.

Is a loan possible despite the claim being titled?

Basically, it should be noted that this is very difficult. Other statements are dubious and should be viewed with great caution. In no case should any monies be paid to private credit intermediaries before they even act for the client. Even home visits are unusual with reputable credit intermediaries. 
There are many reasons why a loan should be taken despite the claim being made.

Often there is a desire to pay the titled claim. In addition, larger private expenditures may be due, which are not to be denied from the current income and from their own savings. Essentially, there are two ways that can lead to a loan despite titled claim. Interested persons can contact a reputable credit intermediary, who will try to obtain a private credit-free loan from abroad.

However, this requires a fixed income and / or a guarantor. If you do not want to, you can register on a private credit intermediation platform on the Internet and look for one or more private lenders.

Authorization, payment and repayment

Once the lender and borrower have agreed, the loan can be transferred to the checking account or paid in cash. The last-mentioned variant has the advantage that no one knows about it, not even the house bank or another bank. The loan amounts are usually rather small and are in the three- or four-digit euro area. Loan amounts of more than 5,000 euros are rather uncommon for a loan despite the claim being made. Repayment will be made in monthly installments consisting of interest and a pro-rata repayment amount. The amount of the monthly loan installment is determined by the amount borrowed, the term and interest.